Living Off-Grid in a Canal Boat: A Unique and Affordable Lifestyle


A woman known as May Moon has found a unique and affordable way to live off-grid in the UK. Laura Woodley, as she is otherwise known, resides in a 48ft narrowboat and travels along the British canals. With a monthly cost of only £120 and free fuel for six months, her lifestyle may seem idyllic. However, there are challenges that come with this unconventional way of living.

A Peek into Laura's Life

Laura Woodley shares her fascinating lifestyle with thousands of followers on TikTok. Through her videos, she provides boat tours and answers questions about her off-grid living and monthly expenses. She emphasizes that the costs of living on a boat can vary greatly, making it less predictable than living in a traditional house.

Living Off-Grid and Constantly Moving

One of the advantages of Laura's lifestyle is that she is always on the move, which means she doesn't have to pay for mooring or supplier fees. Her boat is set for continuous travel, making it completely off-grid. This eliminates the need for energy bills and a fixed energy supplier. However, she does have to pay a licensing fee to be able to use the canals.

The Costs of Living on a Boat

While Laura saves on certain expenses, she still incurs additional costs. Her monthly licensing fee for a boat of her size is £120. On top of that, she has to pay for insurance and wifi. During the summer months, she benefits from solar panels and can avoid spending money on utility bills. However, when winter arrives, she spends a minimum of £200 on fuel just to heat her tiny home.

The Challenges of Boat Maintenance

One of the most expensive aspects of living on a boat is the cost of maintenance. If a part gets damaged or the boat's engine breaks down, Laura can find herself thousands of pounds out of pocket. She explains that while living on a boat can be relatively cheap throughout the year, people often overlook the expenses associated with repairs and upgrades.

Despite the Challenges, the Experience is Worth It

Despite the potential drawbacks, Laura Woodley believes that her off-grid lifestyle is "worth every penny." While it may not be perfect, she enjoys the freedom and unique experience that living on a canal boat provides. By embracing this alternative way of life, she has found a cost-effective and adventurous way to live in the UK.

Similar Stories of Off-Grid Living

Laura is not alone in her pursuit of an off-grid lifestyle. There are others who have chosen unconventional ways of living to save money and find solace in nature. From a man living in an old school bus to a woman residing in a tent on stilts, these individuals have found their own paths to financial freedom and a simpler way of life.

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