Asda Shoppers Rush to Buy ‘Brilliant’ Air Fryer at a Steal Price


Great Deal on Kitchen Essential

Asda shoppers are rushing to snap up a "brilliant" air fryer that's finally back in stock and £100 cheaper than the major Ninja alternative. The popular supermarket is offering a great deal on the kitchen essential and it can be snapped up today for just £55. A huge discount on the product has seen it drop by over £30 as it now sits practically as a steal for anyone who wants to cook an amazing meal and fast.

Features and Design

Weighing just eight kilograms, the air fryer has two 4.5L baskets and comes in a sleek black plastic design. The dual compartment fryer is seen as a must-have in any kitchen with a sync or match cooking function that allows each compartment to cook at separate temperatures or times to each other. Coming fully equipped with a touch screen LED panel and eight preset functions, it could make for the ideal Christmas present.

£125 Cheaper Than Ninja

With temperatures of up to 200 degrees and an automatic shut-off timer, the air fryer is a real steal, especially compared to other major brands. Ninja – one of the UK's favorite kitchen appliance brands – sells a near identical product for almost £195 more. The exact same model is for sale at Asda for £180, but it still makes it £125 more expensive than the supermarket chains' own model.

Impressed Buyers

Impressed buyers took to the reviews of Asda's website to reveal how pleased they were with the product. One said: "I was in two minds about buying this. But I’m really pleased I did. Great value and does the job. Easy to use and easy to clean." Another simply wrote: "This is a really good air fryer." As a third chimed in calling it: "Brilliant, easy to use, easy to clean." A final happy buyer even recommended everyone should give the air fryer a go. They said: "Totally happy with my air fryer. Didn't think I would be, but it's great. If you haven't got one, go and get one."

Discounts on Air Fryers

Air fryers are such a hit with people that retailers have already started to announce price cuts, with great discounts to be had across a range of several different models. So far, savvy shoppers have been treated to savings on popular air fryers from Ninja, Tower, and Corsori, to name a few.

More Bargains at Asda

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