Black Friday Sees Brits Make 391 Purchases Per Second, Early Stats Show


Online shoppers in the UK were eager to snag Black Friday deals, but retailers are concerned about the potential surge in returns due to impulse buys.

Nationwide reported that its customers alone made 9.92 million purchases on Friday, a 2% increase from last year and 12% higher than 2021.

If these figures are representative, it would mean a total of 34 million purchases across the UK, equivalent to 391 purchases per second.

Mark Nalder, representative from the building society, stated, "While most individuals will be satisfied with their purchases, some may regret their impulse buys, resulting in potential refunds over the next few days and weeks."

With many physical shopping centers experiencing low footfall, it is believed that a significant portion of spending occurred online.

An estimated £8.7 billion is projected to be spent between Friday morning and Monday night, according to analysis by GlobalData for Vouchercodes.

Currys reported a 131% surge in sales of gaming consoles in recent weeks, with the new Call Of Duty game being a Black Friday favorite.

Beauty tools experienced a 190% surge in sales, while coffee machines saw a 105% increase.

Air fryer sales also rose by 75%.

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