Ditch your modern solutions and save cash by doing household chores the old-fashioned way


ARE your modern essentials costing you a small fortune?

It may be time to take a leaf out of your parents’ — and grandparents’ — books and go back to basics. Here is how doing jobs around the house the old-fashioned way could slash your supermarket bill . . . 

Doing jobs around the house the old-fashioned way could save you cash

HIT THE BAR: Ditch the plastic and choose a bar of soap instead — it will be easier on the wallet and it is a lot more eco-friendly. Plus it lathers easily into a soft foam, and lasts much longer too.

The Dove Skin Glow body wash costs £2 for 450ml at Tesco, but four 100g bars of Imperial Leather are currently selling for just £1.79 (44p per bar) at Boots.

SAVING: £1.56 per unit

DIY: Cleaning products can cost a small fortune, but good old-fashioned lemon and vinegar solutions will help to keep your home sparkling just as well.

Simply mix one part vinegar to one part water and add the juice of a lemon for an excellent, fresh smelling, all-purpose cleaning agent. It will cost you next to nothing compared to Dettol Power & Fresh citrus cleaner, which is priced £2 at Tesco.


Lemon and vinegar work just as well as expensive cleaning solutions

OFF YOU POD: Washing machine pods and capsules can seem less hassle than traditional powders, but they do come with a mark-up. Try switching Fairy non-bio pods washing capsules (40 washes), £8.50 at Sainsbury’s, for Fairy non-bio washing powder (40 washes), £6.50 at Asda for the same result.


CANNY LIKE GRANNY: Getting in your five-a-day with fresh fruit and vegetables can be costly, but you could save big by switching to cans, without sacrificing nutrition.

Just make sure that you don’t buy them canned in high-calorie sauces or syrups. The biggest saving comes with exotic fruit, such as mangos, £1.50 each at Waitrose, compared to just £1.05 at Tesco for canned slices in juice. They are perfect on top of warm porridge for breakfast.

SAVING: 45p per unit

  • Prices correct at time of going to press. Deals and offers subject to availability.

Deal of the day

Nokia’s new over-ear wireless headphones are on offer for £59.99

LISTEN up. Nokia’s new over-ear wireless headphones have launched with an intro price of £59.99 (RRP £79.99) and free next-day delivery from nokia.com.

SAVE: £20

Cheap treat

Save 80p on a bag of Lizi’s maple and pecan granola

NIBBLE on a bag of Lizi’s maple and pecan granola, perfect for snacking. Down to £3, from £3.80 at ocado.com.


Top swap

The Body Shop’s strawberry shower gel is a whooping £6.50

THE strawberry shower gel (250ml) from The Body Shop smells amazing.

But it is £6.50, so you can imagine my delight when I found a similar-smelling gel (280ml) for £1 at Poundland.

SAVE: £5.50 and get 30ml more

Get this one instead for £1 at Poundland

Shop and save

Get a bag of Protein Porridge 360 for £5.93

HAVING a health kick? Get a bag of Protein Porridge 360 from theproteinworks.com for £5.93, usually £6.99.

SAVING: £1.06