Grounds management: The Unsung Heroes of UK Sports


Grassroots Sport's Vital Role

Grassroots sport is booming in the UK, but have you ever thought about a career in grounds management? With thousands of playing fields and stadiums nationwide, this crucial role often goes unnoticed.

New Initiative to Recruit Grounds Staff

Fears of a shortage of grounds staff are being addressed with the latest figures showing a rise in under-35s entering the profession. Starting salaries can go up to £17,500, with opportunities for training and apprenticeships available.

Annual Grounds Week Initiative

The Grounds Management Association will be holding its annual Grounds Week next month to showcase job opportunities and pathways into the profession. Find out more at or by searching #Grounds-Week.

Join the Black Cab Revolution

Addison Lee has launched a scheme to support aspiring black cab drivers by offering discounted course fees through a partnership with the WizAnn Knowledge School. Secure your future as a black cab driver by applying at

Summer Job Alert: RNLI Fundraisers Wanted

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution is hiring 200 face-to-face fundraisers to work around the UK's beaches and riverside spots. Gain invaluable skills and competitive pay by applying at

Leap Year Work: Does It Mean More Pay?

As 2024 is a leap year, will working the extra day mean extra pay? It depends on your company's pay structure. Hourly workers may see an increase, while salaried workers will not. Make sure to check your contract and previous payslips for clarity.

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