Homeowners more likely to support green developments near their homes, study finds


Residents receptive to energy-efficient buildings and renewable energy projects, says research

According to a recent study, homeowners are more likely to support nearby developments if they are environmentally friendly. The research, commissioned by Ripple Energy, found that residents are far more receptive to energy-efficient buildings, renewable energy projects, and electric vehicle charging stations than they are to legacy projects. The study of 2,000 adults also revealed that Londoners are the most welcoming of all developments, with 49% identifying as 'Yimbys' (yes in my back yard), welcoming local upgrades. Other regions keen on more developments are Scotland (43%), the northeast (41%), and Yorkshire and the Humber (36%).

Rising support for renewable energy projects

The study also found a rising wave of support for the development of renewable energy projects, with 66% of respondents welcoming those that are beneficial for the environment, such as wind and solar projects. This support increases even further when residents are given the option to part-own and directly benefit from the project through savings off their energy bills. The younger generations showed the highest levels of support, with 88% of 18-24 year olds in favor of renewable energy projects if they could own a part of it.

Other green developments welcomed by residents

In addition to renewable energy projects, residents also welcomed designated wildlife habitats (58%), urban green spaces (53%), and the building or retrofitting of energy-efficient buildings (34%). Renewable energy infrastructure, such as wind farms and solar parks, also ranked in the top five developments that local residents would welcome in their neighborhood.

Concerns and changing attitudes

The study found that the top concerns expressed by residents who oppose local developments focus on a loss of green space, increased traffic, and strains on local infrastructure. However, the research also revealed that attitudes towards green developments have changed over time. Baby Boomers, in particular, are driving new support for green initiatives, with 59% claiming that environmental issues are now much higher up their agenda.

Generation YES initiative

Ripple Energy has launched a new initiative called Generation YES, which aims to give the British people a chance to voice their support for renewable energy projects and show local and national governments that now is the time for action. The initiative allows individuals to part-own renewable energy projects and directly benefit from the cheap, green energy generated.

Top 5 developments people would welcome near them

  1. Parks and recreational facilities for residents, such as playgrounds and sports fields
  2. Public infrastructure, including the development or renovation of public buildings like schools, hospitals, libraries, and community centres
  3. Utility upgrades, such as the modernisation of water and sewage systems
  4. Sustainable developments, including recycling centres, electric car charging points, green spaces, and energy-efficient buildings
  5. Renewable energy infrastructure, such as the development of wind farms and solar parks, adding renewable energy to the national grid