Huge US fast-food chain with 30 UK stores is giving customers free coffee – but you’ll need to be quick


A well-known American fast-food chain is treating customers in the UK to a complimentary cup of coffee.

New Offer: Free Coffee

One of America's most famous fast-food chains, Dunkin, is now providing a free small coffee to all customers at their 30 UK restaurants.

A promotional image of a Dunkin coffee cup with a blonde girl

Celebration of the New Outlet

This offer is a celebration of Dunkin's new location on Wardour Street in London.

The deal is valid until September 28th and applies to a range of coffees including small flat whites, cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, and Americanos.

A picture showcasing a person enjoying a coffee from Dunkin

Expanding Across the Country

Dunkin aims to have 40 branches in operation by the end of the year, with 10 new stores planned for 2023. Five of these new locations will be in North West London, and there may be up to seven additional stores opening elsewhere in the UK.

The company was originally founded as Dunkin Donuts in 1950 by Bill Rosenberg. After being purchased by Allied Lyons in 1990, the brand experienced significant growth throughout the United States.

In January 2019, the chain underwent a re-branding and shifted its focus to beverages. It is now known simply as Dunkin.

Director's Statement

Arjun Patel, director at QFM Group, Dunkin's UK licensee, expressed excitement about their journey with the iconic brand in the UK. Patel shared, "We have had real success in the North of England since opening, and additional new store openings this year will enable more people to access our iconic brand."

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