I make £850 extra a month with four key tricks – including savings hack, half-price electricity and side hustle


Savvy grandma reveals money-saving secrets

A 56-year-old grandma from Cardiff has shared her top tips for saving money and earning extra income. Emma Parsons, who retired from the civil service nine years ago, utilizes clever savings hacks and side hustles to make up to £850 each month. She sells unwanted items on platforms like eBay and Vinted, uses cashback sites, shops around for the best energy rates, and maximizes high-interest savings accounts. Read on to learn how Emma does it.

Selling online: Emma's top tips

Emma loves buying and selling items online, and her platform of choice is Vinted. She finds it easier and quicker to use than eBay. Emma has made over £1,000 selling clothes through Vinted in just six months. Other popular platforms for buying and selling second-hand items include Depop and Facebook Marketplace.

Half-price energy tariffs

Emma saves money on her energy bills with a half-price tariff from British Gas. On Sundays between 11am and 4pm, she gets half-price energy, which allows her to do all her cleaning, cooking, and washing. Other energy suppliers offer different schemes, so it's worth checking what's available with your provider.

Cashback deals: Earn money while you shop

Emma takes advantage of cashback sites like TopCashback and Quidco. She uses the money she earns throughout the year to cover the cost of Christmas dinner. Cashback is a simple way to earn extra money, and all you have to do is shop through the cashback site's links.

High-interest savings accounts: Maximizing your money

One of Emma's biggest monthly earners is her high-interest savings account. She keeps an eye out for the best interest rates and isn't afraid to move her savings around. Emma recommends internet banks over high street banks for better deals. She currently earns a 6.05% savings rate on her three-year account.

Overall, Emma's clever strategies and money-saving habits have allowed her to make an extra £850 every month. Whether it's selling online, taking advantage of energy tariffs, using cashback sites, or maximizing high-interest savings accounts, her tips can help anyone save money and earn extra income.