Iceland shoppers excited over new TGI Fridays snack box at budget-friendly price


ICELAND shoppers are thrilled about a new snack box spotted in the freezers and say it’s "just like Maccies". An excited Facebook user took to the platform to share news of the new tasty treat – and it’s inspired by a family favourite restaurant chain.

What's in the box?

The box contains Cajun onion rings, chilli cheese bites, mozzarella sticks and a honey BBQ dip and could be yours for just a fiver.

Shoppers going crazy over TGI Fridays products

And the snack box isn’t the only TGI Friday product on offer as we told how Iceland has launched a new food range inspired by the chain. Shoppers are going crazy over the new products that they spotted on the freezer shelves.

Affordable prices and meal deals

The retailer – specialised in frozen goods – has revealed a wide variety of products from hash brown dogs to cheesecakes. Shoppers have been spotting different treats in Iceland with a TGI Friday marking on the packaging.

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