I’m an energy expert – the underused tip that could save you £30 when cooking

Close-up of flames on gas hob

YOU might be spending more than necessary on your energy bills because of one simple mistake.

To save money, make sure you’re using the correct hob ring when you cook. Here’s what to look out for.

Here’s how the hob you use to cook could determine how much energy you use

It’s in everyone’s best interests to follow cheap household hacks while we battle the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Luckily there are easy tips to follow that don’t take up much effort, and could even slash a sizeable chunk off your bill.

Nicholas Auckland, heating and energy expert from Trade Radiators, says simply placing your pan on the correct-sized hob ring could slash your yearly bill by up to 40%.

That saves roughly £30 a year.

He says: “A study by The American Council For An Energy Efficient Economy once found that using a pan that is two inches too small for your hob could actually be wasting 40% of the energy being created.

“This means you could probably save up to £30 a year if you use a pan that fits the hob ring correctly.”

Of course, this is a rough figure. It depends on how often you use your hob, how much energy you use and who your provider is, but it’s good to have an average.

Picking the correct hob ring is important because if it’s bigger than your pan, heat is likely to escape around the sides.

If you do that too often, you could end up wasting a lot of energy throughout the year.

He continued: “The condition of the pans that you use on the hob can also affect how much energy is wasted.

“A pan with a warped bottom touches the hot element less than a pan with a straight bottom. This could use up to 50% more energy.

“Similarly, the material of the pans also plays a big role in how much energy is used and wasted.”

For a more energy-efficient option, you’re best to use cast iron pans.

This is because they’re best for heat retention which means they don’t use as much energy to cook your food.

You can buy a set of three cast iron pans off Amazon, each a different size, for £20.46 at the moment.

But don’t forget to add on delivery costs if you want them.

Otherwise, be sure to visit your local kitchenware shop or supermarket – lots of big Tesco and Sainsbury’s branches have homeware sections, for example.

Just use the store locators on their websites to find your nearest branch.

If you’re using the oven, Mr Ausland recommends ceramic or glass dishes and trays for energy efficiency.

Ikea does cheap ceramic trays and kitchenware from as little as £3.

More ways to save on energy bills

Putting your fridge freezer in the wrong place could waste almost £100 a year.

You need to make sure there’s enough space around it – if it’s boxed in it has to work harder to keep cold.

That’s because refrigeration appliances require ventilation to work properly.

Instead, make sure there’s around 5cm of free space around the sides, the back and the top of the refrigerator for ventilation.

This air gap allows for the heat generated by the compressor to be dispersed without building up.

Also, switching to eco mode or the power-saving setting on your TV could save up to £15 a year.

These settings make your TV adjust its brightness level whenever the room is light to make sure it’s not using more power than necessary.

Of course, it might not be called power-saving mode depending on the model you have or how old your TV is – but it’s worth checking the settings.

And you could even cut £53 off your bill if you switch to spin cycle on your tumble dryer.

That’s because the setting uses recycled hot air so the machine doesn’t work as hard as it normally would.

For more energy-saving tips, read our handy guide.