We bagged two FREE tickets to Legoland Windsor – and you could too with Sun Superdays giveaway


EXPERIENCE the festival vibe, without the mud, for free at Legoland Windsor Resort with Sun Superdays.

From May 13, the resort will host Springfest, featuring live shows and culminating in a Bank Holiday spectacular with Kidz Pop performing (May 30 to June 2).

Mark with Lily and Clark enjoying a great day at Legoland Windsor

Elton John is surrounded by his tiny dancers at the new Glastonbury exhibit

There’s also the new Glastonbury exhibit in the famous Miniland, featuring headliner Elton John surrounded by tiny dancers at the Pyramid Stage.

 The scene took model makers 840 hours to create and is made up of almost 24,000 Lego bricks. It even features tents and toilets!

I took my children to Berkshire to test the rides ahead of HOAR Superdays giveaway and the skilled model makers even built mini versions of them to place in the Glastonbury crowd as a one-off treat.

My thrillseeker daughter Lily, 11, was a big fan of the exhilarating rides. She said: “Flight of the Sky Lion was my favourite, it felt like we were flying over volcanoes and through a jungle.

“My next favourite was The Dragon rollercoaster because it went superfast, and then Hydra, because Daddy got really wet on it!”

Her brother, animal scientist Clark, eight, got to experience feeding the sharks and stingrays as part of the added VIP extras packages available at Legoland.

 The smartypants said: “It was amazing. I got to put a fish on the end of a grabber and the sharks snapped it off.”

Clark also picked up his driving licence after zooming round the Lego city Driving School before we all enjoyed a relaxing boat ride around the Coastguard HQ water course.

The kids had an action-packed day and it was so special seeing their imaginations run wild as one minute they were blasting beasties in the Ancient Egypt-themed Laser Raiders, then next getting soaked on the swashbuckling Pirate Falls water ride.

No wonder they scoffed so much at the Pizza and Pasta restaurant for lunch. Legoland is a magical place to make memories together.

You too can enjoy an action packed day out at Legoland Windsor Resort thanks to Sun Superdays!

Starting tomorrow, readers can get two FREE tickets worth more than £130.

You will need to collect NINE out of 18 Sun Savers codes and then pick the date you go.

There will be one code printed daily in the paper from tomorrow.

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