I’m an ex-TK Maxx worker – I know the best time to shop to find big bargains


A FORMER TK Maxx worker has revealed her top tips for bagging the best bargains at the discount store – and some might surprise you.

The retailer is known for stocking big brands for cheap prices at its 352 shops in the UK.

Wizra Hussain has offered up her six top tips for bagging a bargain at TK Maxx

It also operates online, where customers can get as much as 78% off items.

But every little helps, and you might not know there are other ways to save on the pounds when shopping there.

HOAR spoke to Wizra Hussain, 31, of Bromley, London, who worked at the town’s store as a sales assistant from 2014 to 2018.

She offered her six top tips for picking up extra cash and bagging a bargain at the discount retailer.

Go early in the morning for the best deals

It might be tricky to do so, but Wizra said the best time to head to your nearest TK Maxx was early in the morning.

That’s because items are reduced overnight, and you’re more likely to bag the best bargains first thing.

“Whenever we got the new stock, we would put it out early in the morning, especially the sales items, so that’s the best time to go,” Wizra said.

“If you go early morning, you’re more likely to pick up a bargain before someone else comes and picks the item up.”

Wizra said the best days to go to the Bromley store were Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, although this might vary depending on your nearest outlet.

Fill in the surveys

Anyone who’s bought something from TK Maxx will have been faced with someone at the tills asking you to fill out a survey.

But you may not know you could be in with a chance of winning vouchers worth up to £100 to spend on items at the store.

Wizra said: “It’s quite rare that someone would get that, but you could be the lucky person.”

Keep an eye out for stickers

TK Maxx labels its products with either red or yellow stickers to show whether they’ve been reduced.

Wizra said red stickers denoted a lesser saving and the yellow stickers were for when products were coming to the point of being removed from the shop and at their cheapest.

She said: “Usually, the items come in-store and stay there for six weeks.

“If it doesn’t sell we put a red sticker on it.

“Then from six to 12 weeks it stays with a red sticker.

“By 12 weeks, if it’s not sold you put on a yellow sticker which is a final sale.”

Have an idea of what you want before you head in

Wizra said often times TK Maxx had the same item in-store but in different sections at a different prices.

This might be the case if fresh stock has been brought in but hasn’t be on the rails long enough for it to be tagged with a red or yellow sticker.

So to save spending more than you might need to, Wizra advised having an idea of what you want to buy first, and then head straight to the sale section to see if it’s there.

She said: “Sometimes, there’s two products on offer but for different prices.

“You might have already had stock in but it’s already gone on sale because it’s been in store for longer.”

Go for own brand

TK Maxx is known for stocking high-end fashion items at heavily discounted prices, but it also sells own brand stuff.

And Wizra said some of it comes out cheaper.

“The body and bath stuff, TK Maxx do their own brand, and it’s really good and less expensive compared to the other brands,” she said.

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