Inside new Greggs outlet where sausage rolls are half price & two donuts cost just 55p… here’s where to find it

GREGGS-ELLENT Inside new Greggs outlet where sausage rolls are half price & two donuts cost just 55p... here's where to find it,

GREGGS’ new outlet stores offering your bakery favourites for half the price – and there could be one near you.

The discounted version of the beloved bakery currently have 30 outlet stores dotted around the country.

The Greggs outlet stores have popped up across the country

The discounted stores aim to minimise waste and provide food to deprived communities

Melikda Zaidi and her friend stocked up on cheap bakes, doughnuts and sandwiches during a visit

With these cut-cost shops, you’ll be able to nab your favourite snacks – some boasting up to 75% less than what the standard Greggs charge. 

After visiting a new outlet in Manchester, Manchester Evening News said: “The first thing you notice as you walk into the store is that there is no hot food counter, which usually catches the eye of every hungry customer who comes through the door.

“Instead, favourites like sausage rolls and steak bakes are bagged up in multiples and displayed on shelves around the store, alongside sweet treats like doughnuts and Belgian buns.”

As for the price, there is a “staggering” difference in cost between Greggs’ regular and outlet stores – with the former charging £3.60 for a pack of four sausage roles.

The latter will only set spenders back £1.55, representing jaw-dropping savings of over 50%.

Packs of two of the bakery’s signature ‘bakes’ only cost £1.25 – a paltry price compared to the regular store – where you’ll have to cough up £1.80 or £1.90 for the privilege.

For those swapping savoury for sweet, you’ll be relieved to hear the savings don’t stop there.

It continued: “Then there are the sweet treats. In the Outlet this morning, you could pick up a box of two yum-yums or glazed doughnuts for 55p, while a pack of four jam doughnuts also cost 55p, and a box of four filled doughnuts were available for £1.45.

“At the regular store, two yum-yums or glazed doughnuts will set you back £1.30, a pack of four jam doughnuts is £2.55 and a single filled doughnut is £1.20.

“The saving on the jam doughnuts is the store’s biggest bargain, at a phenomenal 78% price cut.”

Another pair visited their local outlet – spotting discounted steak bakes, doughnuts and cookies.

Melika Zaidi, from Manchester, went to a cut-price Greggs store with her friend.

Melika shared her clip TikTok with the caption ‘Bakery fun.’

She said: “Come to the Greggs bakery outlet with us.”

Melika and her pal arrived at the bakery and stated: “We’ve arrived at the bakery outlet.” 

Leaving with a cluster of sweet and savoury goodies, her friend chimed in: “I’m so pumped up with my purchases.” 

The huge haul costed the two a meagre £4.

Many flocked to the comments to express their shock at the new openings.

One said: “Omg didn’t even know these existed!!!”

Another agreed: “Omg where is this magical place. I’ve never heard of it before.”

Greggs opened the stores to support socially deprived areas, offering filling and affordable grub to help cope with the cost-of-living squeeze.

When the chain’s factories produce too many batches, the regular priced branches are unable to sell the excess shipment – and transport them to nearby outlets to minimise waste.

By 2025, Greggs hopes to have opened another 20 stores, taking the total count to 50 across the UK. The bakery chain aims to have installed eight of those by the end of 2024.

Another happy customer

Greggs’ outlet branches have a number of incredible savings

Brits are loving cut-cost baked goods at the outlet

Melika Zaidi, from Manchester, went to a cut-price Greggs store with her friend
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