KFC brings back Nashville hot and Kansas BBQ chicken bites


KFC has brought back its spicy Nashville hot and Kansas BBQ boneless chicken bites.

The two flavours are inspired by the southern states of America and are likely to only be around for a limited time. 

KFC is once again selling Nashville hot and Kansas BBQ chicken bites

The bites of chicken breast are fried in a crispy batter before being coated in one of the sauces.

The Nashville hot promises a spicy kick, while the Kansas BBQ is sweet and smoky.

Both bites are already available to order from KFC, with HOAR spotting them in one restaurant for £2.45 for four pieces.

This is almost 50p more than the £1.99 they were sold for last time they were in the UK in 2018.

However, prices will still vary depending on the location of your nearest KFC.

When they were last on sale, the bites were available for six weeks.

We’ve asked KFC how long the pieces will be around for this time and we’ll update this article when we get a response.

HOAR is also checking if the bites come as part of a meal, but we can’t see this option listed online.

KFC previously confirmed that four of the bites contain 370 calories.

As restaurants remain shut for dine-in, you’ll only be able to order them for home delivery, click and collect or at a drive-thru.

Keep in mind that you’ll pay a delivery charge if ordering through Just Eat, Uber Eats or Deliveroo. 

Delivery fees vary but often depend on how far away from KFC you are.

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