Lidl is selling a weighted blanket ‘that feels like a hug’ – and it’s £30 cheaper than rivals


LIDL is selling a weighted blanket that’s £30 cheaper than rival stores this weekend.

The blanket, which will be part of the supermarket’s Middle of Lidl range from this Sunday, February 7, will cost £39.99.

The blankets are said to reduce anxiety and stress

Other retailers including Amazon and Silent Night sell the same blanket for £69.99.

Other retailers such as John Lewis sell their own weighted blankets, but they’re nowhere near as cheap ranging from £80 to £110 depending on the weight you choose.

If you want to get one for even cheaper, Home Bargains still sell theirs for just £24.99, and you can order online.

This Silentnight weighted blanket claims to help relax the nervous system and give the gentle sensation of being hugged.

It’s meant to ease anxiety, stress and encourages deep and restful sleep.

The company claims that wrapping up in the blanket releases happy hormones (serotonin and melatonin) and reduces stress hormones (cortisol).

This supposedly improves your mood and helps you get a good and happy nights sleep.

It’s made from soft quilted microfibre, is hypoallergenic which means it doesn’t contain any materials that would trigger allergies, and machine washable.

The weighted blankets are selling for £30 less than other retailers

It’s 150 x 200cm, so roughly the size of an average single duvet, and weighs just under 7 kilograms.

You’ll want to do your research if you’re thinking about buying one for a child, as they’re not suitable for babies or children under the age of one.

Most experts recommend a blanket with a weight that is 10% of your body weight.

There is a child’s version of the Silent Night Weighted blanket available, but not on offer.

If you want to get your hands on one, you’ll need to be quick as they won’t be restocked once they’re sold out.

Find your local Lidl by using its online store finder tool.

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