Lidl shopper spots kids’ activity tables reduced to £5


A LIDL shopper has spotted an activity table for children reduced to just £5 in store with similar versions costing £20 elsewhere.

The discount supermarket chain has confirmed it’s flogging the table in some of its branches across the UK as it’s clearing out old stock.

The activity table has proven popular with Lidl shoppers

It couldn’t tell us which stores have the table still in stock, but said it can be found in certain regions of the UK.

One shopper on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group posted a picture showing multiple sets in her local store in in Pollokshaws, Glasgow for a fiver.

She wrote on Facebook: “Saw someone post about Lidl doing the activity tables for £5! Went and grabbed one and it’s amazing. So much to do for my son and for the price it’s amazing.”

Her post proved popular as it’s received more than 1,000 comments and hundreds of likes.

One person was impressed with the deal, writing: “What an absolute bargain.” 

But another mum cautioned about how difficult it is to get hold of one writing: “Has anyone else been able to find this?”

The best thing to do is to find your local Lidl using the store locator tool and to check for stock while you’re out doing your usual shop rather than being disappointed by making a special trip.

Lidl doesn’t have individual store contact numbers and it’s main phone number doesn’t perform stock checks so you won’t be able to call ahead for availability. The discounter also doesn’t sell items online.

It’s unclear how much the toy cost previously – HOAR has asked Lidl to confirm – but secondhand versions of the same model are being sold on third party sites for around £20.

We’ve also seen that Studio is selling a similar 8-in-1 activity centre table for £22.99, plus £4.99 delivery.

Lidl’s version has been designed for children aged one and a half and above and has loads of different toys to play with.

The table, called the Playtive Junior XXL activity table, has seven different sections on it.

Each one has been designed to help your kids make the most of their senses thanks to its bright colours, different textures and musical nature.

There’s a small xylophone and a güiro percussion instrument, shaped like an alligator, for budding musicians, plus toys which can be hammered down for future DIY stars.

The table also has a micro abacus, two magnetic blocks and a kaleidoscope, which can help keep your kids’ brains working when they’re growing up.

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