Little-known TV Licence Rule Could Save UK Households £159 a Year


Hundreds of thousands of households in the UK have the opportunity to save £159 a year with a little-known TV licence rule. If you enjoy watching live TV from channels like the BBC, ITV, and Sky, you're required to pay for a TV licence to stay within the law. The annual charge for the licence has been frozen at £159 but is set to increase to £169.50 from April 1, a rise of £14.50.

Who Can Benefit from This Rule?

If you are on Pension Credit and over the age of 75, you might be entitled to a free TV licence, saving you money each year. Pension Credit supplements State Pension payments up to £201 a week and is provided to those who have reached the State Pension age and are on a low income. There are additional amounts available depending on your circumstances.

How to Apply for Pension Credit

To qualify for Pension Credit, you must live in England, Scotland, or Wales, have reached State Pension age, and have a low income that requires topping up with Pension Credit. You can apply online on the government's website or by phone. Make sure to have your National Insurance number and income details ready.

Payment Details

Benefits are typically paid into a bank account every four weeks. You'll need to provide your bank details when you make a claim. If you face challenges with managing an account, alternative claiming methods may be available.

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