Lucky Couple to Use £100,000 EuroMillions Jackpot to Foster Kids


A fortunate couple who recently won a £100,000 EuroMillions jackpot have decided to use their winnings to foster children. Karleen Reece, 41, and her husband Mark plan to convert their garage into extra bedrooms to accommodate their growing family. Karleen expressed her long-held desire to foster children, stating that the win now provides her with the right circumstances to do so. The couple's three children will soon be leaving home, leaving Karleen with a surplus of love to give.

Fortuitous Win for Skeptical Spouse

Karleen, who works as a teaching assistant, admitted that she had not always been positive about her husband purchasing EuroMillions tickets. However, the win has certainly changed her perspective. The day of the win was met with surprise, as Mark did not give Karleen the tickets as usual due to him being out the previous night. It was only on Sunday morning that Karleen discovered the tickets and checked them with her daughter. Upon confirming the winning numbers online, they were both overwhelmed with disbelief and excitement.

A Joyful Discovery

Karleen shared the moment of realization with her husband when he returned home from buying milk. The National Lottery was on the line, and Karleen put her husband on speakerphone to hear the good news. Mark was left in awe upon discovering that they had won £100,770.14. The couple expressed their gratitude and excitement for the future, as they now have the means to fulfill their long-held dream of fostering children.

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