Patisserie Valerie Set to Reopen Restaurants After Prior Closures


Reopening and Expanding

Patisserie Valerie, a once-popular patisserie chain in the UK, is making a comeback after closing the majority of its stores in recent years. The chain plans to reopen two restaurants by October, with more cafes expected to follow in the coming months. While exact locations and dates have yet to be confirmed, a branch in Cambridge will reopen next week after refurbishment, and a restaurant at the Cribbs Causeway retail park near Bristol will reappear in mid-October.

Recovery After Collapse

In 2019, Patisserie Valerie collapsed into administration due to accountancy fraud, leading to the closure of 71 out of its 193 stores. Since then, the chain has downsized to just 29 stores, primarily in cities and large towns. It has also established concessions in around 400 Sainsbury's stores where customers can purchase its 14 most popular cakes.

Job Opportunities and Market Trends

Patisserie Valerie is currently recruiting for positions at its upcoming cafes, providing employment opportunities amidst the ongoing challenges faced by the retail and hospitality industry. The chain's reopening and expansion efforts align with a trend in the UK, with other retailers and eateries, such as Costco, The White Company, and Greggs, also planning new openings or expansions in the near future. However, some high street brands, like Wilko, are fighting to keep their stores open.

Using Patisserie Valerie's website, customers can find their nearest location using the map tool, which distinguishes between restaurants (blue icons) and Sainsbury's stores that sell their cakes (orange icons).

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