Who is Tyrone Dobbs’ mum in Coronation Street?


Poor Tyrone Dobbs hasn’t always had an easy life on Coronation Street.

After believing his real mum had died of a drug overdose, he has now learned the truth.

Who is Tyrone Dobbs’ mum?

Coronation Street’s Tyrone Dobbs – who is played by Alan Halsall in the ITV soap – grew up believing his mum was a woman called Jackie Dobbs (Margi Clarke).

But in 2018 his world was shattered when Jackie died and the man he thought was his dad revealed that she had actually abducted him as a baby.

Tyrone’s research into his parentage led him to his real grandmother Evelyn Plummer, who informed him that her daughter Cassie was his biological mother.

Not trusting Cassie to look after him properly due to her drug problems, Evelyn abandoned Tyrone at a police station in 1982.

He was then discovered by Jackie, who snatched him, and raised him as her own.

Evelyn told Tyrone that Cassie had died, leaving him heartbroken that he would never get the chance to meet her.

What happened to Cassie Plummer?

After five years of thinking that his paternal mother Cassie was dead, Tyrone got a HUGE shock when she turned up in Weatherfield.

In August 2023, the mechanic was left open-mouthed when he came face to face with his mum – played by legendary Brookside actress Claire Sweeney.

It was then revealed that his grandma Evelyn had lied when she said Cassie had died in South Africa of a drug overdose.

She wanted her daughter to get clean before she met Tyrone, so waited until the right moment to bring her to Weatherfield.

Poor Tyrone was left in shock as the true identity of his mum was revealed, and that she was very much alive.

Speaking about playing Cassie and joining Corrie, actress Claire said in a statement: "Even though I’ve been lucky enough to have enjoyed an amazingly varied career for nearly 40 years, being cast in Coronation Street is, to me, better than being cast in a Hollywood movie!"

Does Tyrone Dobbs have any siblings?

Tyrone is an only child and doesn’t have any siblings.

However, following the arrival of Cassie on the Corrie cobbles, fans have a theory that he has a secret sister – who could already be in Weatherfield.

It came after Ty’s daughter, Ruby Dobbs, said the idea aloud, sending fans' minds into overdrive.

It has now been predicted that maneater Courtney Vance, played by Stephanie Davis, could be his sibling.

Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "Have a feeling Courtney, who Aadi has been getting it off with, is gonna end up being Tyrone’s sister."

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