Man Discovers Stash of Cash Hidden in Walls of New Home



A Spanish man, Toño Piñeiro, made an incredible discovery when he found a stash of cash hidden in the walls of his new home. The house had been abandoned for over four decades when Toño stumbled upon it for sale on Facebook. Little did he know, he was about to uncover a hidden treasure.


While clearing out the rubble in his new home, Toño came across several rotting Nesquik cans filled to the brim with banknotes. The first two cans contained five million pesetas, which he was able to exchange for an astonishing 30,000 euros. This unexpected windfall allowed him to afford a new roof for his home.


Toño's luck seemed to be running out when he discovered six more Nesquik cans filled with nine million pesetas. This would have been equivalent to £47,500, but unfortunately, half of the notes were too old to be exchanged for euros. The Bank of Spain had stopped accepting these older notes, leaving Toño unable to convert them into usable currency.


Despite his disappointment, Toño decided to keep some of the old notes as souvenirs. He has also been attempting to sell the remaining notes to collectors. Toño was fascinated by the condition in which the banknotes were stored. He believes that the previous owner, Manuel do Xentes, kept the Nesquik cans to protect the money from humidity, ensuring they remained in good condition.


Locals revealed that the house was once owned by Manuel do Xentes, who worked at a brick factory and engaged in cattle trading. Manuel passed away without any heirs, leaving his fortune hidden within the walls of the house for over 40 years. It seems that he had a habit of placing banknotes in various farm machinery, inadvertently selling them along with the equipment.


The peseta, Spain's former currency, was phased out in 2002 when the country adopted the euro. The Bank of Spain estimates that around 1.6 billion euros worth of old notes and coins were not exchanged before the deadline. Toño's unfortunate discovery is not an isolated incident, as others have also found hidden cash in old currency that can no longer be exchanged.


In a similar story, a Reddit user shared the discovery of a giant bucket filled with copper coins in their late grandfather's house. Another user mentioned finding 160 million in pre-euro currency in their grandparents' walls, which required significant effort to convert. These stories serve as a reminder that hidden treasures may still be waiting to be found in unexpected places.

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