McDonald’s Launches New McFlurry Flavors and Fall-Themed Treats


What's New at McDonald's

McDonald's is introducing two new McFlurry flavors and a range of fall-themed treats to its menu in the UK. Customers can expect a variety of delicious additions that are perfect for enjoying during this time of year.

The New McFlurry Flavors

Excitingly, McDonald's is launching two new McFlurry flavors. The M&M's Halloween McFlurry features the popular chocolate treat with Halloween sugar shapes and mouth-watering Galaxy sauce. Additionally, the Twix toffee apple McFlurry combines soft dairy ice cream, Twix pieces, and toffee apple sauce.

Fall-Themed Sweet Treats

One of the most highly anticipated items is the new hot toffee apple pie dessert. It features crispy pastry filled with spiced apple compote, toffee sauce, and toffee pieces. Fans on social media expressed their excitement over this delightful treat.

Toffee apple doughnuts filled with apple compote, topped with crumble pieces and toffee sauce are also part of the fall-themed offerings.

New Savory Options

In addition to the sweet treats, McDonald's is introducing several new savory items. The Philly cheese stack includes two beef patties, cheese sauce, cheese slices, onions, and pickles served in a toasted bun. The McCrispy BBQ smokehouse features a chicken breast fillet, crispy BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, red onion, and lettuce.

Fan Favorites and Limited Availability

Customers will be delighted to know that the popular chili cheese bites are making a long-awaited comeback, and a nine McNugget meal will be available as well. However, it's important to note that these new menu items will only be available until November 21.

Menu Changes

With the introduction of these new items, McDonald's is removing six items from its menu, including the Big Tasty, Mozzarella Dippers, and various McFlurry flavors.

Here is the full list of new items being added to the menu:

  • Philly Cheese Stack – £6.99
  • McCrispy BBQ Smokehouse – £7.39
  • Chicken McNuggets – nine pieces meal medium – £6.69
  • Chicken McNuggets – nine pieces meal large – £7.39
  • Chili Cheese Bites – £2.49
  • Chili Cheese Bites Sharebox – £6.79
  • Twix Toffee Apple McFlurry – £1.99
  • Twix Toffee Apple Mini McFlurry – £1.49
  • M&M's Halloween McFlurry – £1.99
  • M&M's Halloween Mini McFlurry – £1.49
  • Toffee Apple Pie – £1.99
  • Toffee Apple Donut – £2.19

Don't miss out on these exciting additions to the McDonald's menu!

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