My bedroom ceiling collapsed on me as I slept – after council ignored my complaints for TWO years

2/11/2022 Linzi Gallagher of Maddiston, Falkirk, whose bedroom ceiling fell down on her injuring her back, she had been contacting there council for two years about leak.

A MUM was left terrified when her bedroom ceiling fell on her as she slept — after council ignored warnings for two years.

Linzi Gallagher, 35, told how she was woken by plasterboard, wood and cladding crashed down on top of her in the middle of the night.

Linzi’s ceiling fell down on her in the middle of the night

She complained to council bosses for two years

workers patched up Linzi’s ceiling  the following morning using plywood and plastic sheeting

Yet she’d complained to local authority bosses that her social housing pad was unsafe, as water regularly poured down her walls after heavy rain.

Recalling her ordeal in Maddiston, near Falkirk, the nursery worker said: “I was trembling with fear after I woke up  smothered by  the damp rubble. 

“It was terrifying. But I knew something like this would happen.

“I had been phoning  about the leaks for years and then  my worst nightmare happened.”

Falkirk Council workers patched up Linzi’s ceiling the following morning using plywood and plastic sheeting. 

But her ceiling continued to leak and she discovered  a hole in the roof  was causing her attic to fill with water. 

Linzi added: “My neighbour spotted I was missing some slates. Staff had failed to notice this when making the repair. 

“They made no attempt to make the property safe.”

Falkirk Council apologised and said they will ensure Linzi’s bedroom ceiling is replaced as a “matter of urgency”. 

A spokesman added: “We repaired a crack in leadwork, cleaned overflowing gutters and renewed several tiles.”

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