Novice Distiller’s Gin Named Best in the World Just a Week After Launch


Brit Drinks Maker Wins Top Prize at New York World Wine & Spirits Competition

A novice distiller from the UK has achieved a remarkable feat by winning the prestigious New York World Wine & Spirits Competition just a week after launching her gin. Lily Craven, 23, was awarded the title of best overall gin for her Tipplemill London Dry Gin, which also received a Double Gold Medal. This incredible achievement has made her incredibly proud and is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved.

Using the Power of the Wind and Family Heritage

What makes Lily's gin truly unique is the use of the UK's tallest working windmill in its production process. The grain used in the gin is harvested by her brother James from their family farm near Boston in Lincolnshire. The Craven family has been working Moulton Windmill and Mill Farm for five generations, and their commitment to their craft shines through in the quality of their products. Lily's passion for her family's milling heritage and the power of the wind is evident in every bottle of her gin.

A Phenomenal Achievement for a Flour-Based Spirit

Lily's goal was to create the best possible London dry gin using the wheat grown on their family farm. The flour produced by grinding the grain between the millstones of the tallest working windmill in the UK serves as the foundation for the base spirit of her gin. This unique approach, combined with the use of juniper from Tuscany and grapefruit and orange peel from the Mediterranean, has resulted in a 44% ABV gin that is truly exceptional.

To learn more about Lily Craven's award-winning gin and the fascinating story behind its creation, visit the Tipplemill website.

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