Rare Coins from 1066 Found Buried in Field Sell for £325,000


Discovery of a Lifetime

An incredible collection of 122 Anglo-Saxon pennies, believed to be from the year 1066, was recently unearthed by two metal detectorists near Braintree in Essex.

Historic Auction

The rare coins, with a value of 12 shillings over 950 years ago, fetched an impressive £325,560 at an auction held at Noonans Mayfair in London.

Tantalizing Find

Experts speculate that these coins may have been buried during the events of 1066, possibly due to the owner meeting an unfortunate end in battle.

Museum Acquisitions

Colchester Museum and Cambridge's Fitzwilliam Museum acquired 16 of the coins, including two 11th-century Byzantine coins, while the rest were returned to the finders.

Unexpected Treasures

Among the finds was a rare single specimen from the Hastings mint, which sold for £24,000, four times its presale estimate.

Life-Changing Discovery

The two detectorists, who had been searching for two decades, were elated by the discovery, which proved to be a lucrative and life-changing moment for them.

The coins' sale not only captured the attention of collectors and historians but also provided a glimpse into a significant moment in English history.

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