Shoppers Rave Over £1 ‘Marc Jacobs Dupe’ Perfume Find at Bargain Shop


Saving Big on Designer Scents

Shoppers are buzzing after discovering a bargain perfume dupe that won't break the bank. Despite the high prices of designer scents, Poundland has introduced a wallet-friendly solution for fragrance lovers.

Designer Scent Lookalikes for Just £1

Poundland's new mists, Pure Elegance and Bloom Body, are being hailed as Marc Jacobs dupes and are priced at just £1 for a 100ml bottle. Customers are thrilled with the quality and long-lasting scent of these affordable finds.

Shoppers' Reactions

One shopper shared, "Got these today from Poundland and I cannot tell you enough how they smell like Marc Jacobs. They smell absolutely lush, you cannot go wrong with £1."

Another shopper mentioned, "I got one today and I love it," while a third added, "They smell lovely."

Big Savings on Quality Scents

Designer scents like Marc Jacobs can cost up to £100 for a 100ml bottle. However, savvy shoppers are opting for these quality dupes at a fraction of the price, making it a win-win situation for fragrance enthusiasts.

More Affordable Finds

Another shopper found similar perfume dupes at Home Bargains for just £1.99 each and was amazed by the pleasant scent. These budget-friendly options are gaining popularity among those looking for quality scents without the hefty price tag.

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