Rare Twix and Snickers Cookie Dough Treats Spotted in UK Stores

CHOC THRILL 'Ultra rare' new Twix & Snickers treat spotted at store 'shoppers haven't heard of' - Brits have been after it for YEARS https://www.facebook.com/newfoodsuk/posts/pfbid028a6ubNvXfiV2REaChYHaozF6KdARkGihN5CVUZ8NnaLLaFi4vxN9nmdarmhojxdql

Social Media Buzz

Chocolate lovers across the UK are in a frenzy after a rare and elusive treat has been spotted on shop shelves. The snack, which was highly rated when it first hit stores in 2022, has sent sweet-toothed Brits into a buying frenzy once again.

Social Media Spotting

The news of the hard-to-find treat was first posted on social media, in a popular Facebook group called New Foods UK. The post, which included a photo of the product, read: "Twix and Snickers Cookie Dough spotted at my local Budgens store."

Previous Hype

When the Twix version of the cookie dough treat was first introduced in 2022, it quickly became a sensation. Choc-loving customers were offered sample boxes, which sold out in just three minutes. The overwhelming demand prompted Twix to put a stop to the samples and announce that they would be giving away a few extra boxes on their social channels in the coming days.

Excitement for Snickers Flavor

Since the initial release, Brits have struggled to find the coveted treat. So, when the news of its availability was posted on Facebook, along with the location, chocolate lovers were ecstatic. What's more, fans of cookie dough can now also enjoy a Snickers flavor.

High Demand

Comments on the Facebook post ranged from excitement to desperate requests for friends to buy the treats. One user commented, "I want the Twix one but never heard of that shop," while another tagged their friend and pleaded, "If they have them, I beg you to buy me a tub of each." The demand for the Snickers flavor was also evident, with one user simply stating, "I need the Snickers one."

Budgens: An Overlooked Supermarket

Budgens, the supermarket where the treats were spotted, has been operating in the UK since 1872. Despite being often overlooked, it remains one of the oldest supermarket brands in the country. Currently owned by Tesco through its acquisition of Booker Group, Budgens has hundreds of stores open across the UK.

Indulgent Easter Treats

These new chocolate releases come just in time for the Easter holiday next month. Cadbury recently announced the launch of a chocolate orange edition of their famous Mini Eggs, while also bringing back an age-old favorite with a new design.

Overall, chocolate junkies in the UK are buzzing with excitement over the rare Twix and Snickers Cookie Dough treats. With their limited availability and overwhelming demand, it's clear that these indulgent delights are a must-try for any chocolate lover.