Shoppers Criticize Tesco’s New Self-Checkout System as “Bonkers” and a “Gift to Shoplifters”


Trialling a New Tech Solution

Tesco, the popular supermarket giant, is currently testing a new self-checkout system that has left shoppers feeling frustrated and concerned. The new technology allows customers to skip the scanning process at the tills and instead relies on weight sensors and cameras to track their purchases.

How It Works

When customers take items off the shelves, weight sensors detect the change and a camera scans the products. The system then calculates the total cost of the items, which is presented to the customer at the checkout. This eliminates the need for manual scanning and aims to reduce common issues such as the "unexpected item in the bagging area" warnings.

Shoppers' Reactions

However, the new self-checkout system has received negative feedback from some shoppers. One customer described the move as "bonkers" and expressed concerns about the potential for increased shoplifting. Another shopper questioned whether the introduction of self-checkouts has resulted in any savings for customers.

Tesco's Response

Tesco acknowledges that there may be challenges with scanning barcodes and certain products, which can lead to customer frustration. The new system aims to address these challenges by simplifying the checkout process. According to Sarah Quiggin, head of store customer experience at Tesco, customers can now simply turn up to the checkout and pay without any scanning required.

Testing in Hammersmith Branch

The new self-checkout system is currently being trialed at a Tesco branch in Hammersmith, London. The supermarket hopes that this innovative solution will improve the overall shopping experience for customers, despite the initial concerns raised.