The National Trust asks for ideas on what to do with 38,000 Cadbury’s Easter eggs


THOUSANDS of Easter eggs, donated by Cadbury’s to National Trust Scotland, are looking for a new home.

The organisation was left with 38,000 eggs after the coronavirus outbreak meant it had to shut its properties for the Easter holidays.

The National Trust had planned to give away the chocolate at Easter

It had planned to give them away in Easter egg hunts, in what it says is usually the busiest weekend of the year.

Last year more than 32,000 people visited these properties over the Easter weekend but the coronavirus lockdown meant it couldn’t go ahead this year.

All properties and events owned by the National Trust throughout the UK were closed on March 23. Some properties in England have reopened but those in Scotland remained closed, in-line with guidance for the country.

Around half of the eggs it received have been donated to charity but National Trust Scotland is now asking for ideas on what to do with the rest of them.

It is asking Brits to let it know, via social media, what it can do with the eggs, and organisations that may benefit from them.

The reason for the need to find a home for the eggs, is the fact they have an expiry date of July.

They’re currently being kept in storage at 41 National Trust properties in Scotland.

The charity says if the eggs were stacked on top of each other, the total number would be higher than three times the height of Ben Lawers, the highest mountain in the southern part of the Scottish Highlands.

The eggs already given away have gone to patients and staff in Scotland including those at NHS Lanarkshire and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow.

Mark Bishop, Director of Customer and Cause at the Trust, said: “It was absolutely heartbreaking to have to cancel our Easter egg hunts this year and not be able to welcome the tens of thousands of people who we usually see.

“38,000 Easter eggs don’t eat themselves and our operations teams have been finding places for them to go.

“It’s wonderful that so many have gone to the NHS and to other groups and organisations doing incredible work in our communities.”

Some restaurants and shops have begun to reopen since the government relaxed lockdown rules including Ikea, McDonald’s, and Costa Coffee.

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