Two-bed family home on sale for just £5,000 and is perfect if you’re into home makeovers

**TAKEN WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM RIGHTMOVE** FIX UP Two-bed family home on sale in Hull for just £5,000 and is perfect if you're into home makeovers - Hampshire Street, Hull, Yorkshire, HU4,,

A TWO-BEDROOM house has gone on sale for just £5,000 and is perfect if you are into home makeovers.

The cut-price home was only listed on property site Rightmove last month but will be sure to attract plenty of buyers.

The two-bedroom house in Hull is on the market for just £5,000

The cut-price home will definitely be useful for anyone who is into home makeovers

Located on Hampshire Street, Hull, the two-bed house comes with a the extra added feature of a loft room.

And although the price is incredibly affordable, prospective buyers will have to put a decent shift in to make this house a home.

There is stained and fading wallpaper in more than one room and the whole property is in need of a thorough clean.

Any potential owners will also need to repair some broken walls and clear out clutter from the last resident.

However, at just 5k this house clearly represents value for money for any bidder that is into DIY work and home makeovers.

With a bit of elbow grease, this property could definitely be turned into something far more valuable in the long-run.

The ground floor consists of a lounge with an open hatch that peers into the kitchen.

And the property also boasts a kitchen and a family bathroom.

Upstairs there are two bedrooms, and a further flight of stairs then brings you to the cosy loft room which includes a slanted window to allow a lot of natural light in.

Outside of the house, there is both a front as well as a back garden which potential owners could also spruce up.

According to the listing, the property will be sold at an under the hammer online auction from September 6 to September 8 2022.

The home is currently tenanted and prospective buyers are encouraged to make their own enquiries prior to bidding.

It comes after a bargain home could be yours for just £23,000 – although getting around inside will not be easy.

And one lucky man won a £3million luxury mansion after spending just £25 on a ticket.

The unfurnished property will need some work but could be a valuable long-term investment

The property will be sold at an online auction in September