UK Poundland Store to Relocate to Former Wilko Site


Speculation and Confusion

Poundland, the popular discount retailer, has confirmed that it will be closing its branch in Fareham and reopening in a new location. Shoppers have been speculating about the store's future, with conflicting information and rumors circulating on social media.

Settling the Debate

After weeks of uncertainty, Poundland has confirmed that it will be moving into the former Wilko store in Fareham. This will mark the 64th Poundland takeover of a former Wilko shop.

A Chain in Flux

Poundland's move to the ex-Wilko site comes after the discount chain was forced to close all 400 of its shops due to administration. Since then, Poundland has been steadily reopening in new locations, with Fareham being the 87th new store to open in just 70 days.

Expanding Across the Country

In addition to Fareham, Poundland will also be opening in former Wilko stores in Chester and Swindon on December 9. The company has plans for 15 other store openings and relocations in December, including a move into a former John Lewis in Watford.

Featuring the Latest Fashion

All new Poundland stores, both Wilko and non-Wilko units, will showcase the latest Pepco family clothing, which has been rolled out to 560 of Poundland's existing stores in the UK and Ireland.

Former Wilko Stores Already Reopened as Poundlands

56 former Wilko stores have already reopened under the Poundland brand in various locations across the country.