We transformed the ugliest house on the street with DIY tricks from YouTube


Turning a nightmare into a dream home

A couple from Hertfordshire shared how they doubled the value of the "ugliest house on the street" by using DIY techniques learned from YouTube. Lizzy and Phil Williams spent £150k on the property over nine years, completely renovating it to create their ideal living space.

DIY renovation journey

After purchasing the rundown property in 2014, Lizzy and Phil embarked on a six-year DIY renovation journey. With holes in the ceiling and fungus in the bathroom, the couple turned to YouTube for guidance on everything from electrics to plumbing.

From dodgy to stunning

Living in just two bedrooms during the renovation, the couple transformed the house into a beautiful home with sleek wood fittings, open spaces, and calming interiors. They even added a swimming pool in the garden and converted the garage into a multifunctional space.

Final touches and added value

By the end of their renovation in September 2023, Lizzy and Phil had not only created their dream home but also doubled its value. The property now features plush living spaces for their young family, a spacious garden, and unique touches like a "hangover bench" in the bathroom.

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