Woman Ordered to Tear Down Shed in Parking Space – Vows to Fight Back


Retirement Flat Resident Faces Battle with Owners Over Shed

An 83-year-old woman has been ordered to tear down a shed she built in her parking space outside her retirement flat in Colwyn Bay, Wales. However, she is not giving up without a fight and is ready to stage a sit-in protest if necessary.

Permission Controversy

The woman, Dot Slater, claims to have received verbal permission from a member of staff to put up the 8x6ft shed, which she uses to store her mobility scooter. Despite this, other residents have complained and the owners of the block are now demanding the shed be taken down.

A Need for Protection

Dot suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis, making it crucial for her to protect her scooter from the elements. She believes the shed is a tidy solution and an improvement from using a plastic bike sheet in the past.

Fighting Back

Dot has stated that she will not go down without a fight and is prepared to sit in the shed if it comes to that. She finds the alternative solution proposed by the block owners to be ugly and likened it to an electricity junction box.

Scooter Safety Concerns

The owners claim that the plastic shed poses a fire risk because of the battery in Dot's scooter. However, she disconnects the battery when she parks it and believes the shed is far enough away from the flats to not pose any danger.

Surprise Support

Despite the controversy surrounding the shed, Dot revealed that she was thrown a surprise birthday party recently by the same residents who have complained about the structure. She remains hopeful that a resolution can be reached.

What Lies Ahead

No information has been provided regarding the cost of the replacement shed proposed by the owners. Dot hopes that some of the expense can be recouped by selling her current plastic shed. Emeritus Homes has been contacted for comment.

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