Women’s Lottery Crew Wins £500k Jackpot, But Takes Home Just £12,500 Each


An all-female lottery syndicate from Guernsey has won a £500,000 jackpot in the Channel Islands Christmas Lottery. However, due to the large number of winners, each member will only receive £12,500.

40-Way Split

The winning ticket was sold in Guernsey for the second year in a row. This time, it has been split among 40 syndicate members.

Surreal Win

Judith Tolcher, one of the winners, described the experience as "quite surreal" and said it was still sinking in for all 40 syndicate members.

Unbelievable Luck

Fay Boyd, another member of the syndicate, said she checked her ticket multiple times because she couldn't believe she had actually won. She also highlighted the joy of sharing the win with a group of friends, saying, "There's 40 times more fun rather than just one person."

Community Support

The Guernsey Christmas Lottery is known for supporting community groups and charities across the Channel Islands. Proceeds from ticket sales go towards these important causes.

Decreased Ticket Sales

Jon Taylor, the lottery's presiding officer, mentioned that ticket sales for this year were down by approximately 6% compared to 2022. He attributed the decrease to the rising cost of living.

Remembering Mickey Carroll

The win comes shortly after the inquest into the death of Mickey Carroll's sister. Mickey, who became famous for spending all of his £9.7 million lottery winnings, spoke fondly of his sister, saying she was like a breath of fresh air and could light up any room.

Mickey won his jackpot at the age of 19 and worked as a bin man in Elgin, Scotland.

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