You Can Save Big on Christmas Chocolates at This Little-Known Shop


Looking to Save Money This Winter?

With rising bills and the high cost of living, many households are searching for clever ways to save money. While energy costs are set to decrease over the summer, food bills remain sky high. But there's good news: a little-known online shop is offering significant discounts on food and cupboard staples.

Introducing Approved Food

Approved Food is an online shop where shoppers can save money on their food shop. The secret? The products are either near or have gone past their 'best before' dates, which means supermarkets can no longer sell them. However, they are still within their "use by" date and perfectly safe to consume.

Christmas Chocolates at Bargain Prices

Christmas shoppers can find incredible deals on chocolates at Approved Food. For example, Lindt Milk and White Chocolate Christmas Selection Gift Boxes are available for just £5.99, compared to the usual price of £7 in stores. Love Cocoa Chocolate Advent Calendars are also discounted to £10, instead of £15. And Kingsbridge Chocolate Marshmallow Milk Hot Chocolate Spoons are a steal at just £1, 50% off the original price.

Furthermore, you can get a bundle of 144 Bars of Cadbury Flakes for only £10.99, instead of the usual £13.99. Cadbury Dark Milk Hazelnut Bars are available for £1, down from £1.50, and Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruitier and Nuttier Trail Mix is priced at just £1.49, instead of £2.

Other Money-Saving Tips

If you're looking to save even more on your supermarket shop, there are plenty of other strategies to consider. Keep an eye out for yellow or red stickers on products, as they indicate reduced prices. Timing your shop to coincide with discounted items being placed on the shelves can also help you snag great bargains, with evenings being a prime time for discounts.

Creating a shopping list and sticking to it can prevent impulse purchases and save you money. Additionally, opting for own-brand or value products instead of premium lines can lead to significant savings. Many supermarkets also offer wonky veg and fruit schemes, where you can find cheap prices on slightly misshapen or imperfect produce.

Remember, saving money on your supermarket shop doesn't mean sacrificing quality or taste. Approved Food offers a treasure trove of discounts on a variety of food and pantry essentials, allowing you to stretch your budget further this winter.

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