Angela Rayner Faces Questions Over Council Grant for Property Upgrades


Pressure Mounts on Deputy Labour Leader

Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner is under pressure to explain why a council paid thousands of pounds to upgrade a property she says she did not live in.

She faces further scrutiny after work was completed to drop a kerb outside the address.

Controversy Surrounding Property Upgrades

Sources said a grant was given for the work at her then-husband’s house in Stockport as one of her children is blind.

But at the time Ms Rayner was registered as living a mile away at a council house she bought under the right-to-buy scheme.

She was listed on the electoral roll there for five years after marrying.

Yet when re-registering two births, she put hubby Mark’s address down.

Call for Investigation

Tory MPs want cops to investigate.

Gtr Manchester Police are understood to be giving an update in the next few days.

A criminal case could be launched for making a false declaration on the electoral record.

Financial Implications

Ms Rayner may also be liable for capital gains tax over a £48,500 profit on the sale of her home.

The fresh revelations are in a new biography, to be serialised in the Mail on Sunday.

Ms Rayner denies wrongdoing.

A spokesman said she received expert advice that no tax was due.