Britain and EU ‘within kissing distance’ of striking a deal on Gibraltar post-Brexit


Progress in Negotiations

Britain and the EU are on the brink of reaching a deal on Gibraltar post-Brexit, with Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron flying to Brussels for talks on the Rock's status. The UK has been pushing back against Spanish demands for border guards at the airport, as well as addressing free movement from the British Overseas Territory into the bloc.

Close to a Resolution

Despite negotiations ending without a joint statement, there has been a positive atmosphere with significant progress. Gibraltar's Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, expressed optimism, stating, "We are very, very, very close. In English, we say within spitting distance, but actually it is nice to say we are within kissing distance."

Next Steps

While the details of the agreement are not disclosed, a joint communiqué mentioned that general political lines have been agreed upon, including areas such as the airport, goods, and mobility. Negotiations will continue in the following weeks to finalize the UK-EU Agreement.

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