Sir Keir Starmer Visits Nuclear Subs Shipyard in Cumbria


Labour Leader Backs Nuclear Deterrent and Vows to Increase Defence Spending

Sir Keir Starmer made a significant visit to a nuclear subs shipyard in Cumbria where he expressed his support for the nuclear deterrent and pledged to increase defence spending. During his trip to Barrow, Starmer emphasized the importance of nuclear weapons in safeguarding Britain's security.

Commitment to National Security

During his visit, Sir Keir Starmer stated that he would be willing to push the nuclear button if the country faced a threat, underscoring his commitment to national security. This marks a departure from the approach taken during Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

Matching Tory's Defence Spending Aim

In a significant policy shift, Sir Keir Starmer aligned with the Conservative Party's goal of increasing defence spending to 2.5% of national income, signaling a focus on bolstering the country's defense capabilities. This move has garnered praise from various quarters, including former army captain and Sun Cabinet Defence Secretary Hugh Andree.

Urgent Need for Increased Defence Budget

With escalating threats from countries like Russia and China, calls for an increase in defense spending have grown louder. Defence Secretary Grant Shapps emphasized the need for allocating 3% of GDP to defense, highlighting the importance of demonstrating strength to potential adversaries in an increasingly volatile world.