Date of next general election REVEALED

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THE next General Election will be held in January 2025, Tory MPs were told yesterday.

An early poll appeared to be ruled out as Conservative aides sent round a memo pointing to a ballot in three winters’ time.

The Government currently plans to stick to the election timeline of January 2025

The Policy Research Unit said: “At this moment, it is my understanding that the Government intends to stick to the election timeline of January 2025, whereby a general election will be held.”

Although the next election is already scheduled for January 2025, Liz Truss can call a ballot whenever she likes – with the support of MPs – after the previous government ripped up the Fixed Term Parliament Act.

During the leadership contest she said she would not call an early election, however speculation mounted she would want her own mandate.

But after trailing Labour in the polls by as much as 33 points the prospect appears to have vanished.

Tory MP Sir Charles Walker said last night: “I think it’s hard to construct an argument now that the Conservatives can win that general election.

“I suspect the conversation is, you know, how much do we lose it by?”