Evil People-Smuggling Gangs Offering ‘Buy One Get One Free’ Deals for Migrants Crossing the Channel


People-smuggling gangs are reportedly providing "buy one, get one free" offers for migrants who are caught crossing the English Channel. According to Government insiders, many of those intercepted by French police simply make further attempts later with the assurance from the gangs that they will have another opportunity.

Migrants Given Second Chances

Traffickers in Calais are charging up to £7,500 for crossings in dangerous dinghies. Senior officials have disclosed that migrants have pledges from these smugglers that if they get caught, they will be provided with another attempt in the future.

Increased Interception Rate, but Repeat Attempts Continue

Tory MPs are now questioning the effectiveness of the UK government's payment of £480 million to France, as the number of migrant boats crossing the English Channel continues to rise. The total number of crossings since Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister in October is estimated to have surpassed 25,000, pending official figures. While Downing Street argues that the increased interception rate justifies the funding, another senior official expressed concern that the figures also include migrants who will make multiple attempts.

Debating Asylum Eligibility

Conservative member of the Home Affairs Committee, Adam Holloway, believes that Britain should not grant asylum to "fit young men who have essentially gamed the system." He argues that those who successfully make it to the UK are a privileged few who can afford to pay people-smugglers.

Ambassador Warns of Challenges

France's former ambassador to Britain, Sylvie Bermann, cautioned that it is practically impossible to prevent every attempted crossing due to the extensive coastline. She emphasized the difficulty of monitoring the 150km stretch.