Illegal Immigration Threatens British Democracy, Warns PM


Rishi Sunak Calls for Radical Action to Stop Illegal Migration

Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has issued a stark warning that failure to tackle illegal immigration will have dire consequences for British democracy and erode trust in politicians. In a powerful speech in Rome, Sunak pledged to apply the radicalism of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to his mission to put an end to the influx of illegal migrants.

Updating International Human Rights Laws

Sunak called for an update to international human rights laws, including the UN Refugee Convention and the European Convention on Human Rights, in order to prevent their exploitation by illegal immigrants seeking to stay in the country. He argued that failing to address the issue would lead to an increase in the number of migrants, overwhelming the capacity of the UK to provide assistance to those in need and causing anger among citizens who question why their taxes should be spent on dealing with the consequences of illegal immigration.

Control of Borders and Sovereignty

Emphasizing the importance of national sovereignty, Sunak stressed that it is the responsibility of the UK, not criminal gangs, to determine who enters the country. He warned that the public's faith in politicians and the government would be destroyed if they fail to deliver on this fundamental tenet. Sunak called for control of borders as a means of addressing the problem and protecting the country.

Tackling the Evil Trade of People Smuggling

Sunak highlighted the urgent need for tough action to combat people smuggling gangs, who exploit vulnerable individuals and put their lives at risk. He argued that illegal migration is not just an issue for the UK but a weapon used by our enemies to destabilize societies. Sunak called for collaborative efforts with allies to break the business model of criminal gangs and reform post-war frameworks around asylum.

Challenges and Opposition

Sunak's speech comes amidst a Tory civil war over his plan to deport illegal migrants to Rwanda, with several party members voicing opposition and abstaining from voting on the emergency Rwanda Bill. Critics argue that the plan is too weak and will not effectively address the issue. Despite facing challenges and rumors of leadership plots, Sunak remains steadfast in his determination to secure the UK's borders and tackle the small boats crisis.

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