Labour Scrubs £28 Billion Green Spending Pledge from Election Memo


Tory Ministers Accuse Keir Starmer of Plotting Tax Rises for Eco Plan

Labour has removed its £28 billion green spending pledge from its election memo, raising concerns about the funding for the plan. The party failed to mention the figure in the memo sent to MPs, despite claiming it is fully funded. Tory Treasury Ministers accused Keir Starmer of planning tax increases to pay for his eco plan.

Labour's Central Promise to "Switch on Great British Energy"

Labour's central promise is to invest in clean power sources and create a publicly-owned energy company. However, the party did not provide many details on how the plan would be funded in the 24-page brochure sent to Labour MPs. The £28 billion annual spending figure was also omitted from the memo.

Tory Chief Secretary to the Treasury Blasts Labour's Unfunded Spending Spree

Tory Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Laura Trott, criticized Keir Starmer's spending plans, stating that the £28 billion figure is now officially unfunded. Trott accused Starmer of lacking a plan to pay for the eco plan, which could result in higher taxes for working people.

Labour Officials Defend Funding Strategy

Labour officials stated that the £28 billion pledge would be funded through borrowing, private investment, and existing government money. A party spokesperson emphasized that all Labour policies are fully funded, in line with fiscal rules, and do not involve tax rises for working people.

Rachel Reeves to Promote Pro-Business Credentials at Davos

Labour's Shadow Chancellor, Rachel Reeves, will attend the World Economic Forum in Davos to discuss her plans to boost business in Britain. She will emphasize that "Labour means business" and convene meetings with senior finance figures. This is Reeves' second visit to Davos, following her attendance last year with party leader Keir Starmer.

Foreign Secretary and Chancellor to Attend Davos

Foreign Secretary, Lord Cameron, and the Chancellor will also attend the World Economic Forum in Davos. This demonstrates the importance of the event as Westminster temporarily relocates to Switzerland.