Michael Gove Vows to Ban No-Fault Evictions by Next Election


Ministers Pledge to Outlaw Section 21 Notices

Michael Gove has promised to ban no-fault evictions in time for the next general election. The pledge to outlaw Section 21 notices was first made in the 2019 Tory manifesto, but a new bill has yet to be passed. Last year, the number of tenants evicted through no fault of their own increased by a third, with landlords issuing 30,230 Section 21 notices, the highest number since 2016.

Pressure Mounts to Pass the Renters Reform Bill

Mr. Gove is under significant pressure to get the Renters Reform Bill through the Commons. Labour and the Lib Dems have accused him of deprioritizing the issue due to pressure from MP landlords. However, Mr. Gove assured England's 11 million renters that the ban on no-fault evictions will be implemented, and funding will be allocated to the courts to enforce it.

Campaigners Hold Government Accountable

The Renters' Reform Coalition campaign manager, Tom Darling, welcomed the government's commitment but promised to hold them accountable. He emphasized the importance of ensuring the ban is not merely symbolic and that the government does not yield to landlord attempts to weaken the bill.

Temporary Accommodation and Social Housing Waiting Lists

Mr. Gove was unable to guarantee a decrease in the number of families in temporary accommodation by the next election. Currently, over one million people are on social housing waiting lists, and in 2022, 2,300 people died while waiting. Mr. Gove acknowledged the significance of the issue but expressed determination to address it.

Criticism from Opposition Parties

Labour's Shadow Housing Minister, Matthew Pennycook, criticized the government's track record on housing and expressed doubt in their promises. He stated that the housing crisis has been exacerbated by the Tories and will require a Labour government to fix it. Daisy Cooper, Deputy Leader of the Lib Dems, also expressed disappointment in the Conservative government's repeated delays in implementing the ban on no-fault evictions and emphasized the urgent need for reform.