Police shut down right-wing conference while Nigel Farage speaks


Nigel Farage addresses National Conservative gathering

During a right-wing conference in Brussels, police ordered the shutdown of the event while Brexit champion Nigel Farage was addressing the crowd. The former leader of the Brexit Party expressed his understanding of the situation and criticized the attempt to cancel the conference.

Police presence and event relocation

Brussels Police were seen inside the venue, and the event had already been moved due to concerns of potential disruption. The Brussels Mayor ordered the event to be stopped, stating that the far right is not welcome at the conference.

Nigel Farage's response

Farage condemned the attempts to shut down the conference as "absolutely monstrous" and continued to address the crowd despite the police presence. He reiterated his belief in Brexit and criticized the treatment of EU critical individuals.

Organizational challenges and political pressure

The organizers of the "NatCon" event faced difficulties finding a venue to host their gathering, with initial locations pulling out under political pressure. The event was relocated multiple times before facing a shutdown by authorities.

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