Fallout TV Show Sparks Interest in Game Series – Top Pick for New Players


Best Starting Point for New Fans

With the Fallout TV show gaining popularity on Amazon Prime, many new fans are looking to dive into the game series. The latest installment, Fallout 76, may not be the ideal starting point due to its heavy focus on multiplayer and lack of a strong story.

Why Fallout New Vegas is the Way to Go

For those looking to experience the quintessential Fallout experience, Fallout New Vegas is the top pick. Released in 2010, this game offers a rich story set in a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas, where players navigate through a world filled with factions and multiple endings based on their choices.

Immerse Yourself in the Fallout Universe

One of the highlights of playing Fallout is exploring the side content and encountering intriguing characters and situations, much like in the TV show. Fallout New Vegas captures the essence of the series and provides a solid entry point for newcomers.

Where to Find Fallout New Vegas

Good news for those eager to try out Fallout New Vegas – the game is available for free on Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus, or at a discounted price on Steam. However, it's worth noting that the PS Plus version is streaming only, while the PlayStation version may have technical issues. For the best experience, consider playing on Xbox or checking your PC compatibility on Steam.

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