Prisoners cooking cakes will keep Britain’s streets safer declares Dominic Raab


CUPCAKE cooking lags will make Britain’s streets safer, the Deputy PM declared.

Dominic Raab said teaching cons to cook would help stop them reoffending as he has quadrupled the number of culinary schools in prisons

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab sampled caked cooked in the Clinks Kitchen at HMP Exeter

There are now 26 Clink kitchens in the prison’s estate which helps teach cons to cook.

Mr Raab sampled some cellblock curry and cupcakes while on a visit to HMP Exeter this week, and he hopes to expand the scheme further to 50 by the end of 2023.

He even enjoyed the cake at a Platinum Jubilee-themed afternoon tea hosted by serving prisoners on the scheme.

He told HOAR: “What we see with the curry and the cupcakes are these offenders learning the skills that give them a chance to turn their lives around and critically, stop them reoffending because they got a chance getting a job on the outside.

“That keeps our streets safer and it keeps our communities more secure.”

Over 2,500 prisoners have found jobs through The Clink Charity since it launched at HMP Brixton in 2014, with ex-offenders now working at eateries ranging from chip shops to Michelin star restaurants.

The Ministry of Justice say that every £1 invested in the scheme generates at least £4.80 back to the prison service, government and society in reduced reoffending rates.

The Clink Charity’s Chief Executive, Yvonne Thomas, said:“We will continue to help people in prison through training qualified hospitality staff, and through intensive support after their release.

“We are grateful to our donors, the employers we work with and to the Ministry of Justice for their continued support.”