Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Recreate Charles and Diana’s Iconic Kiss at Polo Match


A Royal Reenactment

Prince Harry and Meghan recreated a historic moment by sharing a kiss at a charity polo match, reminiscent of Harry's parents, Charles and Diana, 39 years ago.

A Cup and a Kiss

After winning a charity match in Florida, Meghan presented Harry with a cup, mirroring the affectionate gesture between Charles and Diana at a polo event in Windsor in 1985.

Netflix Captures the Moment

The couple's day out was filmed by Netflix as part of their new deal with the streaming service, showcasing their love for the sport and each other.

An "Obsessive" Love

Royal expert Ingrid Seward believes that Harry's deep love for Meghan is unwavering, stating that he will never leave her as long as she remains in control and happy.

Exciting Netflix Projects

Harry and Meghan are set to release two new Netflix projects, one focusing on Meghan's passions for cooking, gardening, and friendship, and another highlighting their shared love for professional polo.

Stronger Than Ever

Despite past rumors, Seward expresses confidence in the couple's happiness and the strength of their marriage, emphasizing Meghan's influence and control in their relationship.