Rishi Sunak promises his law to stop migrants crossing Channel will be unveiled in weeks

British PM Rishi Sunak leaves No10 heading for the commons for PMQs this morning 01/02/23

RISHI Sunak today promises his law to stop small boat crossings will be unveiled in weeks — as he hits 100 days in office.

The PM reaches the landmark with a pledge that illegal migrants will be detained and deported instead of put up in 4-star hotels.

Rishi Sunak promises his law to stop migrants crossing Channel will be unveiled in weeks

And he said his agenda should not be judged on results now but before next year’s expected election.

The PM will be interviewed by Piers Morgan on TalkTV when he is set to hit back at Labour claims his short tenure has been dogged by scandal and sleaze.

After the turmoil of Boris Johnson’s ousting and the 49-day Liz Truss disaster, he will say matters have steadied.

Writing in today’s Sun, he says the government has halted the economy’s freefall, slowed mortgage rate rises and boosted help for Ukraine with weapons, ammo and now heavy tanks — the first country in the world to do so.

He adds: “In the coming weeks, our new stop the boats Bill will change the law to send a message loud and clear — if you come here illegally, you will be detained and removed. We’re doing whatever it takes to fix this.”

Mr Sunak also insists that the government is halving inflation, growing the economy, cutting debt and waiting lists.

He adds: “That’s what Sun Readers can judge me on in under 1,000 days when you decide who’ll lead the country for the next five years.”

But Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said the PM’s first 100 days were marked by a pathetic failure to stop strikes.

He told MPs: “The Tory Party’s addiction to sleaze and scandal has done huge damage to this country and the cost to the public keeps adding up.”

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