Rishi Sunak to Crack Down on Rip-Off Pedicab Drivers in London


Rishi Sunak, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, is set to launch a campaign against "pedicab" drivers who have been scamming people during nights out in the capital city.

New Licensing Legislation Expected

According to sources, Sunak plans to introduce legislation to regulate the licensing of rickshaws, with details expected to be outlined in November. These new rules, potentially included in the King's Speech, could require pedicab riders to obtain a license and adhere to regulations related to pricing and safety.

Rip-Off Stories Fuel Demand for Regulation

The move comes in response to several horror stories where riders charged exorbitant fares for short journeys. In one case, a man was charged £500 for a ten-minute ride, while a woman was fleeced £450 for a seven-minute journey. Furthermore, the industry has been criticized for blocking pavements and blaring loud music.

Fire Incident Highlights Safety Concerns

In addition to overcharging and noise complaints, a pedicab was blamed for causing a fire under London Bridge railway station last year. The incident led to train disruptions and the evacuation of nearby buildings, raising further concerns about safety.

Campaigning for Change

Conservative MP Nickie Aiken, who represents the Cities of London and Westminster, has been advocating for pedicab regulation for years. She emphasized the urgent need for licensing, describing the current situation in the West End as resembling the "Wild West." Aiken has been in constant discussions with No10 and hopes that the introduction of a transport bill during the King's Speech will bring about the necessary change.

It appears that the government is finally taking action to address the issues raised by nuisance pedicab drivers in London. The proposed licensing legislation could bring much-needed regulation to the industry, ensuring fair pricing and improved safety standards for riders and passengers alike.

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