Rishi Sunak’s First Year as Prime Minister: Challenges and Achievements


A Year in No10

Rishi Sunak celebrates his one-year anniversary as Prime Minister today. However, his time in Downing Street has been far from smooth sailing.

Impressive Wins

During his first year in office, Sunak has achieved significant milestones. These include securing a new Brexit deal, signing free trade agreements, and winning the Uxbridge by-election.

Challenges Ahead

Despite his accomplishments, Sunak faces significant challenges in the coming months. With just over a year until the general election, he is trailing behind Keir Starmer in the polls. According to a recent survey, the PM's approval rating stands at -14%, while Starmer enjoys a +11% rating. Furthermore, 44% of the public plan to vote Labour, compared to only 26% for the Conservatives.

The Uphill Battle

While some of Sunak's supporters believe he can turn things around, many Tory MPs have already given up hope of retaining their seats in the next election. The road ahead is steep and uncertain.

Opposing Views

Labour's Shadow Paymaster General, Jonathan Ashworth, criticizes Sunak for his perceived weakness and failure to deliver for working families. On the other hand, Conservative Party Chairman Greg Hands MP praises the PM's actions in supporting families with the cost of living and highlights the government's progress in various areas.

Achievements and Future Hurdles

As we reflect on Rishi Sunak's first year in office, we acknowledge his notable achievements while recognizing the challenges that lie ahead.